NSA: Expeditionary Access Operations: NSA’s Close Access Network Exploitation Program (“CNO Course – EAO”)
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National Security Agency - Expeditionary Access Operations

Glossary: agencies

Date Created: Unknown
Classification: TOP SECRET : COMINT
Distribution: 5VEY

Glossary: classification and distribution codes.

Genre: Presentation Slides, .PDF , 15 p.

Journalist(s): Sam Biddle
Originating Media Outlet: The Intercept
Date Published: 2016-08-19
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Communications Target: Computer systems
Surveillance Program(s): Communications Intelligence

Glossary: surveillance programs.

Description: This document is an NSA slide deck giving an overview of the Expeditionary Access Operations (EAO) unit, its make up and major task. The unit conducts "worldwide Human Enabled Close Access Cyber Operations" to support signals intelligence (SIGINT).