FASCIA : Example of Current Volumes and Limits
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National Security Agency

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Date Created: ca.2012-05-06
Classification: Top Secret : COMINT
Distribution: 5VEY

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Genre: Presentation slides, .PDF , 2 p.

Journalist(s): Barton Gellman : Ashkan Soltani
Originating Media Outlet: The Washington Post
Date Published: 2013-12-04
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Communications Target: Foreign communications
Surveillance Program(s): FASCIA : CHALKFUN

Glossary: surveillance programs.

Description: This document shows the volumes and limits of the NSA's FASCIA database between the beginning of 2011 to June 2012. FASCIA is used to store the location information of mobile devices. Analysts query this database using the CHALKFUN tool. It also contains a listing of some of the types of records harvested by this database.