Affidavit of General Keith B. Alexander in the Matter of Foreign Governments, Foreign Factions, Foreign Entities, and Foreign-Based Political Organizations
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National Security Agency - Office of the Director

Glossary: agencies

Date Created: ca.2010-07
Classification: Top Secret : COMINT
Distribution: NOFORN

Glossary: classification and distribution codes.

Genre: Affidavit, .PDF , 4 p.

Journalist(s): Ellen Nakashima : Barton Gellman
Originating Media Outlet: The Washington Post
Date Published: 2014-06-30
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Communications Target: Foreign communications
Surveillance Program(s): General intelligence

Glossary: surveillance programs.

Description: This document is an affidavit by the former director of the National Security Agency, General Keith B. Alexander created in adherence to subsection 702(g)(2)(C) of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It describes the procedures enabling the NSA to acquire intelligence from foreign governments, factions, political organizations, and other entities.