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DEA - The "Other" Warfighter
Document Source
Creating Agency: Drug Enforcement Agency
Date Created: 2004-04-20
Classification: Secret : SI / FOUO
Surveillance Program: General intelligence
Genre: Newsletter : 2 p.
Date Published: 2014-05-19
Journalist(s): Ryan Devereaux : Glenn Greenwald : Laura Poitras
Originating News Outlet: The Intercept
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DEA / NSA SANDKEY Voice Intercepts
Document Source
Creating Agency: National Security Agency
Date Created: ca.2012
Classification: Confidential / 5VEY
Surveillance Program: SANDKEY
Genre: Presentation slides : 4 p.
Date Published: 2014-06-10
Journalist(s): None
Originating News Outlet: Cryptome
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