NSA's Oldest Third Party SIGINT Partnership
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National Security Agency - Country Desk Officer (CDO) Turkey

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Date Created: 2005-10-07
Classification: Top Secret
Distribution: 5VEY

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Genre: Newsletter, .PDF , 2 p.

Journalist(s): Holger Stark : Laura Poitras : Michael Sontheimer : Marcel Rosenbach
Originating Media Outlet: Der Spiegel
Date Published: 2014-08-31
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Communications Target: Kurdistan Workers Party - PKK/KGK/Kongra-Gel/KADEK
Surveillance Program(s): SEA SENTRY : SIGINT

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Description: This document is a NSA release detailing the history and current partnership between Turkish and U.S intelligence operations. Intelligence sharing began in 1949 between the CIA and the Turkish Electronic and Technical Intelligence (ETI) and has contined with the NSA. The NSA trades SIGINT on a various military and terrorism targets in exchange for information on Russia, shipping traffic and radar signitures ("under the SEA SENTRY program"), as well as having a "dedicated circuit for CT [Counterterrorism] analytic exchanges."