FASHIONCLEFT Interface Control Document
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National Security Agency - Tailored Access Operations

Glossary: agencies

Date Created: 2005-03-28
Classification: Top Secret
Distribution: Unknown

Glossary: classification and distribution codes.

Genre: Technical Paper, .PDF , 28 p.

Journalist(s): Aaron Gibson : Andy Müller-Maguhn : Claudio Guarnieri : Jacob Appelbaum : Hilmar Schmundt : Laura Poitras : Michael Sontheimer : Marcel Rosenbach : Leif Ryge
Originating Media Outlet: Der Spiegel
Date Published: 2015-01-17
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Communications Target: Computer Networks
Surveillance Program(s): FASHIONCLEFT

Glossary: surveillance programs.

Description: This document is a technical description of the FASHIONCLEFT computer network exploitation (CNE) collection protocol. It "enables raw data packets from the external internet to interface to the Common Data Receptor (CDR) of Data Network Technology's (DNT's) Common System Architecture (CSA)." The document includes "includes conceptual data flow diagrams and network diagrams to define the system [and] detailed data format examples, data field definitions, and a description of the protocol."