NSA QUANTUM Tasking Techniques
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National Security Agency - Office of SIGINT Development

Glossary: agencies

Date Created: ca.2013
Classification: Top Secret : SI
Distribution: 5VEY

Glossary: classification and distribution codes.

Genre: Presentation slides, .PDF , 28 p.

Journalist(s): Jacob Appelbaum : Marcel Rosenbach : Jorg Schindler : Holger Stark : Christian Stocker
Originating Media Outlet: Der Spiegel
Date Published: 2013-12-30
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Communications Target: Foreign computers
Surveillance Program(s): QUANTUM : FOXACID

Glossary: surveillance programs.

Description: This document is an internal NSA presentation. It describes the tasking process and capabilities of QUANTUMTHEORY, a suite of programs developed by the NSA's Tailored Access Operations (TAO). Using a method called Quantum Inserts, specialists are able to infect target computers with malicious software. This software can do numerous tthings, such as creating botnets (QUANTUMBOT) or interfere with downloads and uploads (QUANTUMCOPPER).