CSEC SIGINT Cyber Discovery: Summary of the current effort
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Communications Security Establishment Canada - Covert Network Threats

Glossary: agencies

Date Created: 2010-11
Classification: Top Secret
Distribution: Unknown

Glossary: classification and distribution codes.

Genre: Presentation slides, .PDF , 22 p.

Journalist(s): Aaron Gibson : Andy Müller-Maguhn : Claudio Guarnieri : Hilmar Schmundt : Jacob Appelbaum : Laura Poitras : Leif Ryge : Marcel Rosenbach : Michael Sontheimer
Originating Media Outlet: Der Spiegel
Date Published: 2015-01-17
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Communications Target: Computer Networks

Glossary: surveillance programs.

Description: This document is a CSEC presentation deck that summarizes the collaboration between "analysts and operators from CNE Operations, Cyber Counterintelligence and Global Network Detection" to provide both defensive and offensive CNE (computer network exploitation) strategies. The deck outlines applications such as WARRIORPRIDE, REPLICANT FARM and EONBLUE which contribute to this effort.

Christopher Parsons has written a more detailed analysis of this document, accessible here.